The Super-Powers carnival: become the superhero of your story!

February, 22nd > March 1st 2020

Cooking workshop
A biscuit which gives you super-powers !

DIY workshop
Create your own superhero cape.

Construction workshop
Every superhero needs a vehicle. Arrange the coloured shapes on the wall and create your flying machine.

Theater workshop
> In a group, create a fighting scene, without touching each other and only using super hero onomatopoeia such as Splash! Blergh! Bam! Uurgh!
> By pairs of two: one is the super hero and the other one introduces them to the audience. What is is super power? What is his motto? (eg: “to infinity and beyond!”). Who is his nemesis? The super-hero can move, mime and express themself with onomatopea but cannot speak.

Fairy tales workshop
Pick a card at random et replace the magical object – which is a fairy tale’s ingredient, by a super-power : the power of invisibility, walking on the ceiling… It can also be a super-power of your choice!

Practical information : 
> The participation in the workshops is included in the admission fee.
> Registration to the workshops on the spot only.
> During the Carnival holidays, the Museum is open every day from 2:30 to 5pm,.
> During winter or in case of bad weather, we suggest you to arrive on time, the number of visitors being limited to 250.

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