Wednesday for family

Information & booking
Phone 02/640.01.07 (9:00-12:30)

Ojective: enhance access to culture and stimulate the pleasure of learning and discovering together.
This activity is supported by the Commune of Ixelles and is centred on communicating, listening and sharing.
The participation in the interactive theater play is included

(La Crotte, Chuuuuuuuuuttttt ou Au Cachot)


Information & booking
Phone 02/640.01.07 (9:00-12:30)

Every week, Rebecca, Museum animator at the Children’s Museum, visits the pediatric wards of 2 Brussel’s hospitals with her gigantic storybook.

The « Livre des Contes » (storybook) is a Children’s Museum exclusivity. For a few minutes children leave the hospital behind and travel to a fantastical place for a grand adventure !

Theater Play on Wednesday afternoon

Three passionate Museum animators of the Museum have designed multiple interactive theater plays focussing on daily life themes:

  • La Crotte (in French)
  • Au Cachot (in French)

  • Chuuuuuutttt (in French)
Practical information
All Wednesday afternoon from 3:30pm
(except during school holidays)
Included in the admission fee

Tell me your stories

Intergenerational day at the Children’s Museum and the Jadot park – free entrance
This event takes place every year at the end of the month April. Co-organized with the Commune of Ixelles.

Avant premiere

Every year, the Children’s Museum festivities committee organizes a movie « avant-première » in orde to raise funds for the Museum.

The following movies have been played in « avant-première »:

  • Populaire
  • Casse-Tête chinois
  • Paddington
  • The History of Love
  • L’échange des Princesses

The festivities committee is composed of volunteer members of the board.

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