Founder & president: Kathleen Lippens
Managing Director: Fabienne Doigny –
Purchasing and Logistics Manager: Carole Lepers –
Secretariat and promotion: Laura Le Gall –

Design and building of the exhibitions

Art Manager: Pamela Severin
Pedagogical Manager: Caroline Balthazar
Museum animator and training coordinator: David Oeyen
Museum animator: Isabelle Deman
Museum animator: Pierre Sohie
Museum animator: Maren Moreau
Museum animator: Leela Deretta

Public and school animation

Andrea Kovacevic
Jan Nils Schubert
Meredith Borodine
Peggie de Sager
Rachel Besonhe
Rebecca Sitzler
Sandra Peiffer
Tim Jacob
Alexiane Kenes
Siham El Houda
Maroussia Guldentops
Zoé Beaudoin

Construction and maintenance of the exhibitions

Carpenter / technician: Arnault Dechamps
Carpenter / technician: Saïd Harroud

Maintenance and sewing

Naïma Mouflih
Tuyen N’Guyen


Alicia Struelens
Jihane Bufraquech


Anne-Françoise Faurès –
Danielle Meert
Jacqueline Robier
Kathleen Lippens
Thérèse Befahy

Volunteer Board of Directors and Festivities Committee

Nadine Dewart
Ariane Lippens
Framboise Boël
Cathy van der Straten
Gael Levêque
Geneviève de Spoelberch
Tatiana de Spoelberch

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