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Our exhibition “Wings to grow up” is a journey with six different chapters to help the children to grow up and to leave the nest. They get to know themselves and the world that surrounds them.

Discover the various chapters of the exhibition :


1. The hall

Enter the big hall and take a seat in an impressive flying machine. Ready for take-off! Discover the route of the exhibition. And remember: you grow up at your pace.

2. My super powers

Discover the adventures of Ben and Lili, two characters who go through difficult situations. Take your cape, dress up as a superhero and help them to find solutions!

3. Friendship

“What’s the use of a friend?”, the cat and the mouse wonder. They become unusal but inseperable friends. Follow the track from the mouse’s house to the cat’s house and discover the emotions and questions that go along with friendship.

4. Everyone creative!

What if Newton had eaten the apple? What if we could transform a painting by Fernand Léger into something else? What if Little Red Riding Hood could overpower the wolf? So many ways to be creative…

5. My secret garden

In this magical setting you can create your own secret world. Discover the giant nest, the rocket ship and the enchanted library. Find your own little paradise where you can be on your own, where you can relax and dream.

6. Cultures

Discover the cultures of different countries and their many facets: language, rituals, greetings, clothing… You can learn a lot from other people. Afterwards you can create a new world where everyone feels good.

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